Huge year. (Eta Carinae magnitude.)

Back in January I gave a talk on Responsive Web Design for the CWSA. This was my first time speaking, so while I was naturally nervous, nothing prepared me for the shock I received when I saw the CSS legend (and fellow Clevelander) Eric Meyer take a seat among the audience. Sure I could’ve rehearsed more, and of course there were countless improvements to be made, but overall I was satisfied with the talk.

Then, in February, it began.

The planning, the art projects, the phone calls, the insurance policies, the walkthroughs, the meetings, the agendas, the tears, the inspiring nights and weekends at Zygote Press, the arguments, the silliness, the writing, the sampling of delicious foods, the Photoshopping, the web development, the bachelor(ette) parties, the showers, the out-of-town guests, the warmth, the love.

And finally.

After three amazing years and the proposal last November, Laura and I were married at 78th Street Studios in Detroit Shoreway, Cleveland in front of two hundred family members and close friends. It was the best day of my life.

Three months later we spent two weeks honeymooning in Japan. We visited Tokyo, Koyasan, Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Miyajima. Highlights incude attending an afternoon Sumo tournament, hiking the Nakasendō trail from Magome to Tsumago, and spending two nights with a generous Japanese family at their home in Nakatsugawa.

Returning home, I started a new job. A bit unexpected, but it was the right move, and I feel good about where I am in my career right now.

Sadly, this year also brought tragedy. A week before leaving for Japan, we were devastated with the news that our very close friend PJ was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. He was given only a few weeks to live, but being an incredibly fit guy, he held on a couple weeks longer than anyone expected, and we got to visit him a few last times before he passed. He represented everything we love about Cleveland, and his influence can be found everywhere in the city. He taught us so much. We really miss you, buddy.